I am looking for any ties to the tribes of the five 'civilized' tribes for the following people.
alexander carroll, susannah jane, george b, and nancy jane dean.
alexander and susannah were my great great grandparents, and george b, my great uncle, nancy jane, my great grandmother.
i am including a photo of nancy (nany, nannie) jane dean smith.
from left to right are rosa, lorenzo dow (the man from Mississippi) serentha, nancy jane, and on her lap, my grandmother, pearl lillian

Posted 10-24-2010


I am searching for Artemis Linda Anderson Weeks, apparently, via family history, she was a Creek Indian.  Her father was Willie Anderson.  She married a white man called Jim Weeks in the panhandle of Florida.  She died at age 48 giving birth to her 13th child.  I do not recall what year.  Jim was a man who worked in the saw mills or turpentine mills.
I have searched all the indian rolls and do not find her or her father, but, then, I'm not sure how to search the lists either.
Any help is appreciated.

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Posted 10-24-2010


I am trying to connect my Native American Ancestry to the Grants
Sarah Jane Grant bn. 1860 GA died 1942 OK
John H. Grant bn 1829 GA  died 1900 AR
Capt William Benton Grant bn. 1793 died 1847 Columbus GA
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I'm trying to find an Indian lady named Ishopnarth possibly FOSTER) from AL or GA who married a WRAY in the late 1700s or early 1800s. Have you come across this name? There's a family story that one of my ancestors married an Indian man so he wouldn't have to go on "The Trail of Tears". Would marriage have enabled someone to not have to be relocated?
Any help is appreciated.

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