History of the Cherokee Indians
and Their Legends and Folklore


Continuation of Old Families


11 Major DowningA11
1112 George Downing.
2 John Downing. Jennie and Nannie.
3 William Downing.
4 Nannie Downing,
111213 James Downing.
2 Alexander Downing. Oo-go-yo-sti.
3 John Downing. Leah Lovelady.
4 Elizabeth Downing. Stephen Whitmire
112213 Ollie Downing. *
2 Samuel Downing. Susie Dougherty and Elsie Dougherty
3 David Downmg. Peggy Dougherty.
4 Isaac Downing. *
5 Peggy Downing. Archibald Tuckwa.
6 Nellie Downing. *
7 Moses Downing. Oo-yo-sti or Polly and Lydia.
8 Elizabeth Downing. Galcatcher.
9 Celia Downing. * Ezekial McLaughlin.
10 Jesse Downing. * Chicken.
11 Charlotte Downing. Ellis Beck.
12 William Downing. Elizabeth Dougherty and Elsie Downing.
13 Cynthia Downing. Joseph Beck.
14 James Downing.         Parris.
15 Catherine Downing. *         Still.
16 John Downing. Ollie.
17 Sallie Downing. Tadpole.
114213 Thomas Pettit. Catherine.

2 James Crittenden. Nancy Hughes and Ko-ta-Ka-ya.
3 Jennie Crittenden. Jack Wright.A15

4 Margaret McSwain. Avery Vann.
5 Elizabeth McSwain. David Welch.
11121314 George Downing.
2 Peacheater Downing.
11122314 Lethe Downing. Hiram Bright.
2 Annie Downing. Pumpkin or Murphy.
3 Charles Downing. *
4 Scudders Downing. Polly Bean and Catherine Tiesky neo Foreman.
5 John Downing. *
11123314 Martha Jane Downing. Jackson Smith and Joshua Morgan.
11124314 George Washington Whitmire. Catherine Wottord and Elizabeth Faught.
OK 2 Jonathan Whitmire. Charlotte Downing and Temperance Holt
11222314 Lewis Downing. Lydia Price, Lucinda Griffin and Mary Eyre.
2 John Downing. Jennie Fields.

OK 3 Margaret Downing.
4 Thompson Downing.

Aaron Downing

6 Samuel Downing.
7 Mary Downing. Charles Dougherty and Charles Crittenden.

8 Henry Downing". Jennie Fodder.
11223314 John Downing. Jennie Clingan.
2 Elizabeth Downing. Richard Turner.
3 George Downing. Elizabeth Consene, Mary Smith and Rosella Downing nee Adair.
4 Rachel Downing. John Smith.
5 Sarah Downing.
6 John Downing.
7 Lydia Downing. John Canoe.
8 Judith Downing. George Still.
9 Thompson Downing. Sallie.
10 Lucinda Downing. Archibald Canoe.
11 Archibald Downing. Josie Craft and Sallie Butler.
11225314 Benjamin Tuckwa. *
2 Catherine Tuckwa. *
11227314 Aaron Downing. Susie Beck and Elizabeth Vann.
4 Celia Downing. Walkingwolf.
5 William Downing. * Aelia Vann
6 James Downing. Lucinda Woodall and Eliza Parris.
7 Elizabeth Downing. David Tadpole.
8 Judith Downing. eGorge Still.
10 Ambrose Downing. Gatsie Parris and Josephine Welch.
11 John Downing. Rachel Dennis.
12 Catherine Downing. * George Still.

2 Cash Downing. * Elizabeth Goodin.
3 Dicey Downing. William Proctor.

9 Celia Downing. *
11228314 Rebecca Galcatcher. James Muskrat.
2 James Galcatcher.
3 Thomas Galcatcher. Peggy and Minnie Vann.
112211314 Oran Beck. Louisa Tiger and Letha Parris.
2 Jeffrey Beck. Racliel Muskrat.
OK 3 Susie Beck. Albert McGee and Alfred Pigeon.
4 Samuel Beck. * Susie Sixkiller, Salina Foreman and Elizabeth Dry.
5 Cynthia Beck. Releford Beck, Henry Mitchell and William Taylor Barton.
112212314 Sallie Downing. Jeffrey Beck.
2 John Downing. Dennis.

3 Susie Downing. John Still.
4 David Downing. Catherine Faught.
112213314 Aaron Headin Beck. Catherine McCreary nee Foreman and Josephine Downing, nee Welch.
2 Arie Beck. Andrew Pettit, Archibald Love and Jonathan Riley.
OK 3 Mary Beck. Frank Pettit.
4 Releford Beck. * Cynthia Beck.
5 Weatherford Beck. Sabra Sturdevant.
6 Joseph Beck. *
7 Jeffrey Beck. Mary Ann Harris.
8 Surry Eaton Beck. Julia Ann Hildebrand.
9 Susie Beck. John Pinkney Chandler.
10 Ellis Beck. *
11 Elizabeth Beck. John Riley and John Wilson Howerton.
112214314 Edward Downing.
2 James Downing.
3 Locust Downing.
4 Thomas Downing.
5 Mink Downing. Nellie Vann.
6 Dragging Downing.
7 Dooley.
8 Sallie Downing. Thomas Hammer.
112215314 Tickaneesky Still. Sallie.
2 Dorcas Still. Ned Still.
3 Aelia Still. Jack Still.

4 George Still. Judith Downing and Catherine Downing.
5 Jack Still.
112216314 Nannie Downing. Charles Rogers and Thomas Fields.
2 Tarcheche Downing.
3 Caleb Downing.
112217314 Nannie Tadpole. Thomas Woodall.
2 David Tadpole. Elizabeth Downing.
3 Lucy Still.
11421344 Benjamin Pcttit. Peggy Cunnigan.
2 Thomas Pettit. Elsie Hughes.
OK 3 William Pettit.          and Maria James.
4 Washington Pettit. * Mary Blackbird.
5 Agnes Pettit. Charles Wofford.
6 Elizabeth Pettit.         Robbins and William Post.
7 Nannie Pettit. James Humphreys.
11422314 Wiliam Crittenden. Malinda House and Louisa Cross.
2 Edward Crittenden. Ghi-goo-ie.
3 Joseph Crittenden.
4 Lydia Crittenden. Samuel Quinton
5 Lewis Crittenden. Rebecca Shirley and Martha Richardson.

6 Charles Crittenden. Nannie Downing nee         
7 Jack Crittenden. Nannie Nugen and Sarah Bolin nee McCabe
8 Elizabeth Crittenden. Lord Wellington Shirley.
9 Delilah Crittenden. James McDaniel, Richard Glory, Runabout Scraper and William George.
10 Peggy Crittenden.
11 Polly Crittenden. Archibald Vann.
12 Aelie Crittenden. Thomas Butler.
11423314 Sallie Wright Moses Alberty.A16
2 Lydia Wright. Benjamin Snow and Ellis Buffington
OK 3 Mary Wright. John Alberty.
4 Clarissa Wright. Elijah Phillips. A17
5 William Wright. *
6 Melvina Wright. Thomas Clyne.
7 Rebecca Wright. Joel Mayes Bryan.A18
8 Eli Wright. Nannie Vann.
9 Delilah Wright. Reuben Daniel.
10 Cornelius Wright. Harriette O'Bryan and Elizabeth Buffington.
11424314 Joseph Vann. Catherine Rowe and Elizabeth Rowe.A19
2 David Vann. Jennie Chambers and Martha McNair. A20
OK 3 Margaret Vann. David Webber.
4 Andrew M. Vann. Margaret Lasley and Susie Alexander.A21
5 Nannie Vann. John Chambers.
6 Catherine Vann. * John Rogers and William Williams.
7 Mary Vann. William Lasley
8 Keziah Vann. Robert Webber.
9 Charles Vann. * Eliza West.
10 Clement Vann. *
11 Sallie Vann. Robert Rogers and William Alexander Musgrove.
12 Elizabeth Vann. George West and David Rowe.
13 Eliza Vann. John Martin.
14 Clara Vann.
15 Jennie Vann. *
11425314 Elizabeth Welch. Isaac Ragsdale,        Nix and Moses Alberty.
2 George Washington Welch. Margaret Jones.
OK 3 Sidney Welch. *
1112231415 Charlotte Bright. Joshua Humphrey.
2 Delilah Bright. John W. Bannon.
OK 3 William Bright. Sallie Morton.
4 Samuel Bright. Barsheba Morton.
1112232415 Elizabeth Murphy. *
2 Charles Murphy. *
OK 3 Dennis Murphy. Elizabeth SuUicooie.
4 Andrew Murphy. *
5 Thomas Murphy. Nannie and Nellie Gritts nee Manus.
6 James Murphy. Sinia Beck and Martha White.
7 Annie Murphy. *
8 Sallie Murphy. Anderson Gritts and Suiecooya.
1112234415 Edward Downing. Jennie         and Elizabeth Murphy nee Sullecooie.

2 Celia Downing. Lewis Cording and Edward Still
OK 3 Rufus Downing

4 William Penn Downing. Nannie J. Walkingstick.
5 Henry Downing. Lydia Ann Walkingstick.
6 David Downing. Martha Wolf.
1112331415 Amanda Smith. Alexander Wofford.
2 Mary Smith. Thomas Sanders and Ellas Gourd Foreman.
OK 3 Jackson Smith. * Isabel Love nee Eldridge.

4 James Morgan. Josephine Clyne.
5 Mark Morgan. Cynthia Smith and Saphronia Taylor nee Griffin.
6 Leean Morgan. * Jeremiah Horn.
7 George Morgan. * Eliza Muskrat.
1112431415 Stephen Whitmire. Elizabeth Horn and Quatie Corntassel.
2 Nathaniel Whitmire. *
3 Charlotte Cornelia Whitmire. John R. Wright.
4 Charles Faught Whitmire. Palmyra Phillips.
5 Delilah Whitmire. David Sanders.
6 John Downing Whitmire. Malderine Still and Elizabeth Sanders
7 Walter Scott Whitmire. Elizabeth Reese and Ethie Russell.
8 Eli H. Whitmire. Mary Wright and Moltcke Boquet.
9 White McClellan Whitmire. Annie Corntassel.
10 Nannie J. Whitmire. Edward Adair Clyne.
11 Margaret C. Whitmire. Joseph M. Easky, Thomas Grider.
12 George Getty Whitmire. Lydia Walkingstick.
1112432415 William Whitmire. *
2 Walter Samuel Whitmire. Nannie Bushyhead Wilkerson and Ella Still.

OK 3 3 Charlotte Whitmire. *
4 George Washington Whitmire. Ida Bailey.
5 Alexander Whitmire.
6 Sarah Jane Whitmire. David Lee Bird.
7 Charles Whitmire.
8 Jonathan Whitmire. Minnie McTier.
9 Henry Whitmire.
1122231415 Samuel Houston Downing. Penelope Wolf.
3 Jennie Downing. Charles Kiper.

OK 3 Catherine Downing. Samuel Whirlwind.

4 Lewis James Downing. *
5 William Downing. *
1122237415 Agnes Dougherty. Black Haw.
2 Sukie Dougherty. William Tutt.
1122238415 Nellie Downing. Thomas Lacey.
1122331415 James Downing. Emma Sixkilier nee England.
2 Margaret Downing. John J. Hicks.
3 Jinnie Downing. Charles Kiper.
4 Joseph Downing. Nannie Ridge.
5 John Downing.
6 Charlotte Downing. Charles Riper.
7 Walter Downing. Ada Hicks.
8 Agnes Downing. *
9 William Downing.
1112332415 Richard Turner. *
2 Jesse Turner. Susie Smith.
3 | Nellie Turner. *
4 | Ollie Turner. *
5 Rachel Turner. Skilly Vann.
6 Nannie Turner.
7 Jack Turner. Walleuke Houston.
1122333415 Susie Downing. Jesse McKnight.

2 William Downing

3 Mary Downing.
4 Edward Adair Downing.
5 Elizabeth Downing
6 Joel Mayes Downing.
7 Lafayette Downing.
1122334415 Elizabeth Smith. George Vann.
1122337415 Catherine Canoe.
2 John Canoe. Lydia Fields nee Backbone.
3 Archibald Canoe. Elsie Murphy.
1122338415 Edward Downing.
2 Samuel Downing

3 Samuel Downing.
4 Sissie Downing.
1122339415 Martha Downing. *
2 Polly Downing. Stephen Osage.
3 Lucy Downing.
4 Nannie Downing.
11223311415 Polly Downing. Leander Dugger.

2 Scott Downing.
3 Brice Downing.
1122731415 Moses Downing. *
2 Malinda Downing. Richard Wofford, Walker Carey and James Christopher McCoy
1122733415 Sarah Proctor. Edward Foreman.
2 Elizabeth Proctor. James Kesterson.
3 Ezekial Proctor. Rebecca Mitchell, Margaret Downing and Eliza Chaney nee Welch.
4 Adam Proctor. *
5 Archibald Proctor. *
6 Rachel Proctor. *
7 Nannie Proctor. * .Abraham Sixkiller.
1122734415 Margaret Walkingwolf. Rider Cloud.
2 Charlotte Walkingwolf. * Tassel.
3 Elizabeth Walkingwolf. * Tassel.
4 Eliza Walkingwolf. * John Lowrey
3 Elizabeth Walkingwolf. * Tassel.
6 Nannie Walkingwolf. Earbob and Johnson Riley.
1122736415 Lucy Downing.
2 Joseph Downing. Agnes Hothouse, Nannie Butler and Aelie Still.

3 George Downing. * Eliza Downing.
4 Mary" Downing. John Still and Frank Charles Corban.
5 Cynthia Downing. Joseph Vann.
6 Edwin Downing. Elizabeth Still.
7 James Downing. * Aelia Vann.
8 Martha Downing. Bluford Whitmire and George W. Taylor.
9 Malachi Downing. Eliza Vann and Sallie Still.
10 Margaret Downing. George W. Taylor, Richard Crittenden and Benjamin Strickland.
1122737415 Joshua Tadpole. *
2 Eli Tadpole. *
3 David Tadpole. Utiyu Vann.
4 Susie Tadpole. * Oceola Woodall.
5 John Tadpole. *
1122738415 Mary Still. William Martin.
2 George Still. Agnes Bolin.
3 Aaron Still. *
4 Jesse Still. *
5 Ezekial Still. Mary E. Langley.
11227310415 Margaret Downing. Ezekial Proctor.
2 Catherine Downing. William Kelt.
OK 3 Elizabeth Downing. George Welch.
11227311415 Dennis Downing.
2 Peter Downing. Elsie Hawk.
OK 3 Timothy Downing. * Mary Henson.
4 Elizabeth Downing. Henry Canada Williams and Wade Hampton Williams.
1122831415 Annie Muskrat. Henry Schoonover.
2 Jennie Muskrat. Alexander Earbob.
OK 3 Eliza Muskrat. Stephen Morris McDaniel.
4 Calhoun Muskrat. Mollie Toney, Sallie Girty and Susie Davis.
5 Joseph Muskrat. Agnes Standingman.
6 Saphronia Muskrat. Thomas Parker.
7 Noah Muskrat. *
1122833415 Charles Galcatcher. Margaret Budder.

2 Lee Galcatcher. Susie Henry nee Foreman.

3 Lucy Galcatcher. Roy Gordon and John McFarland.
4 Thomas William Galchatcher. Mary Nicodemus.
11221131415 Charlotte Beck. Rowe Smith and Riley Scott.
2 Susie Beck.
11221132415 Caroline Beck. William Hughes and Isaac Dougherty.
2 Ani Beck. Joseph Landrum and James Horsefly.
OK 3 Thomas Beck. Sarah Lacey and Eliza DeShane.
11221133415 Joanna McGhee. Jeremiah Hanna and John Jones.
2 Lucy Ann McGhee. William Adolphus Daniel, Jason Stilley, James Hudson.
OK 3 Cynthia Ann McGhee. Bluford Sixkiller, George William Talbert and James Welch.
4 Emma Jane McGhee. James Buchanan Smith.

5 Webster Halfbreed.
11221231415 Mary Beck. Stephen Hildebrand.
2 Ezekial Beck. Martha Sturdivant and Mary Ellen Woodall
OK 3 John Beck. *
4 Surry Eaton Beck. Margaret McCoy, Susie Ellen Daniel
5 Sinia Beck. George McLaughlin.
6 Sabra Ann Beck. George Selvidge and John Collins.
11221233415 Lucinda Still. Archilla Sanders and John Martin.
2 John Still. Elizabeth Walls.
3 George Still. Mary E. Martin.
4 Elizabeth Still. Edmond Duwiiing and Green Catcher.
5 William Still.
6 Eliza Still. James Barnett.
7 Sallie Still. William Silcox, John Andrew Jackson Lucas.
8 Margaret Still Epp G. Thompson.
9 Catherine Still. James Kizer.
10 James Still. Mary Jones.
11221234415 Caroline Downing.
2 William Alexander Downing. Eliza Bright.
OK 3 George Brewer Downing. Arabella Wagoner.
11221331415 Richard Beck. Ida A. Martin.
2 John Anthony Beck. Sarah Azilu Carnis.
OK 3 Susie Beck. John W. Carnis.
11221332415 Josephine Pettit. Henry Clay Ross.

2 Archibald Love. *

OK 3 Joseph Riley. *
11221333415 Joanna Pettit. Thomas Dedymus Sanders and William Cooper.
2 Joseph Beck Pettit. Fannie Marsh.
OK 3 Robert Armstrong Pettit. Tennesee Hensley.
4 Amelia Pettit. Lorenzo Spears Lee.
5 Cynthia Pettit. John Shepherd Thornton * and John Lewis Miller.
6 Andrew Jackson Pettit. Ophelia Wickett.
11221335415 Joseph Beck.
2 Jeffrey.
OK 3 Harlin Bede Beck.
4 Samuel Beck.
5 Releford D. Beck. Ida Wilson.
6 John Butler Beck.
7 Wetherford Beck.
8 Eula Beck. Jay Hendron.
9 Guy Beck.
11221338415 John Beck.
11221339415 Ada Chandler. William Heath, William Moore, Luculus Vann, Thomas Fox Foreman and Stephen Sears.
2 John Carson Chandler. Emma Malloy Paden nee Foreman.
OK 3 Samuel Wesley Chandler.
4 Eliza Chandler.
5 David Lorain Chandler.
8 Ella Gray Chandler.
7 Thomas Henry Chandler.
112213311415 Ida Riley. John Beck.

2 Sarah Josephine Howerton.
OK 3 Weatherford Howton.
4 Olivia Howerton.
5 Sabra A. Howerton.
11221435415 | Rachel Downing. Thomas Potts and Henry Nugen.
2 | Caroline Downing. Josiah Vann and Andrew Jackson Rogers.
3 Lucinda Downing. Sarah Neeley.
4 Elizabeth Downing. Harlan Nakedhead.
11221531415 Charles Tickaneesky. Ruth Lee and Susie Easky.
2 Richard Tickeneesky. Susie Easky.
OK 3 Elizabeth Tickaneesky. Benjamin Vann.
4 Moses Tickaneesky. Catawnee and        Still nee Walls.
5 Ellis Tickaneesky. Catherine Bolin.
6 Benjamin Tickaneesky. Nancy Hogshooter.
7 Linnie Tickaneesky. Johnson Reed, Aaron Crittenden and         Woodruff.
8 RebeccaTickaneesky.John Smith and Bark Nugen.
9 John Tickaneesky. Margaret Chambers.
10 Ollie Tickaneesky. * Beanstick.
11221631415 Pleasant Rogers.
2 Eliza Rogers. John Seabolt.

OK 3 Sarah Elizabeth Fields. James V. Hildebrand.
4 Rachel Jane Fields. William Stiff and Henry H. Hickey.
5 Ruth Fields. Jeremiah Bigelow.
6 Richard F. Fields. Rachel Elizabeth Goss and Minerva Kerr.
7 Margaret Wilson Fields. Robert Mosby French and Daniel Fields.
8 Josiah Foreman Fields. *
9 Caroline Matilda Rogers Fields. William Penn Boudinot.
11221731415 Robert Woodall. Quatie Landrum.
2 Elizabeth Woodall. *
3 Margaret Woodall. Alexander Sanders, John Scott, Hampton Wiliams, Marshal Wagnon and William Brown.
4 Isaac Woodall. Mary Carselowry nee Daniel.
5 aJcob (Jacob) Houston Woodall. Annie Woodall nee Daniel.
6 Lucinda Woodall. James Downing and Thompson Buzzard.
7 Abraham Woodall. Susannah Hendricks.
8 Celia Woodall. Andrew Emory and Joseph Cephas.
9 Thomas Woodall. Annie Daniel.
11221732415 Joshua Tadpole.
2 Eli Tadpole.
3 David Tadpole. Utiya Vann.
4 Susie Tadpole. * Osceola Woodall.
5 John Tadpole. Lucinda        
1142131415 Nannie Pettit. Franklin Faulkner.
2 Charles Pettit. Charlotte Sixkiller nee Adair, Sarah Lovett.
OK 3 Agnes Pettit. Patrick Lyman.
4 Delilah Pettit. William Lovett and John Griffin.
5 Thomas Pettit. Nannie E. Sanders, Sarah Swimmer nee Lee, Mary F. Walker, Caroline Timson and Nannie Sanders.
6 Benjamin Pettit. Mary Ann Phillips.
1142132415 Moses Pettit. *
2 Delilah Pettit. *
OK 3 Sidney Pettit. Blackhaw Pettit
4 Levi Pettit. *
5 Nannie Pettit.
1142133415 William Zion Pettit. Emily Cookson.
2 Mary Pettit. James C. Fooy,         Perry and Frank Bethel.
3 Catherine Pettit.
4 Marcus Pettit. *
5 Pleasant Pettit. *

6 Charles Pettit. * Elizabeth Krebs.
7 Samuel Worcester Pettit. Maria Choate.
8 Andrew Pettit. *
9 Ellen Pettit. John Hildebrand.
10 Julia Pettit. John Bean Johnson.
1142135415 Charlotte Wofford. James McCracken.
2 Catherine Wofford. James Daniel.
OK 3 John Wofford. Eugenia Carpenter.
4 Robert Wofford. Jennie Bolen nee Wright.
1142136415 Joshua Robbins. Nannie Parris and Alzerine Post.

2 Tatnall Holt Post. Mary Reese and Elizabeth Bell nee Phillips.
OK 3 Mary Arminda Post. Jackson Gladney.
4 John Marion Post. *
1142137415 Sallie Humphrey. Robert Mitchell.
2 Catherine Humphrey. Bigwood and Charles Pettit.
OK 3 Joshua Humphrey. Catherine Bright and Rachel Thompson.
4 Mary Humphrey. Samuel Quinton and James Collins.
5 Eliza Humphrey. Edward Crittenden.
1142231415 Sidney Crittenden. Elijah Phillips.
2 Jennie Crittenden. Amos Richardson.
OK 3 James Crittenden. Margaret Parris.
4 Thomas Crittenden. Nannie Woods.
5 Moses Crittenden. Edith Woods nee Quinton and Margaret Howell.
6 Sarah Crittenden. John Phillips and John Pierce.
7 George Washington. *
8 Lydia Crittenden. Joseph Quinton.

9 William Crittenden. Catherine Boydston.
10 Edward Crittenden. *
1142232415 Andrew Crittenden.
2 Berry Crittenden.
1142233415 Richard Crittenden.
1142234415 Nellie Quinton. John Johnson and Joel Kelly.
2 Elizabeth Quinton. Thomas Woods and Moses Crittenden.
OK 3 Jennie Quinton. Levi Robbins.
1142235415 Wellington Crittenden.
2 Israel Crittenden. Sallie Shirley, Clara Crittenden and Pamelia Capps.
1142237415 Malinda Crittenden. Brannon.
2 James Crittenden. Jennie Hanson.
3 Mary Crittenden. * William J. Sanders, Book Sunday and Silas Harlin.
4 Nannie Crittenden. John Tobacco.
5 Hettie Crittenden. Lewis Weaver.
6 Clement Crittenden. Maria Eve.
7 Delilah Crittenden. Charles Nohlett and Henry N. Cook.
8 Hugh Crittenden. Amelia Wederbrock.
9 Thomas Crittenden. *

10 Lydia Crittenden. Ellis Harlin.
11 Charles Crittenden.
12 Jack Crittenden.
1142238415 Martha Shirley. John Ryan and Nicholas Byers.
1142239415 Catherine McDaniel. John Price.

2 Adeline Glory. John Brock.
11422310415 Sarah Glory. Bark Nugen.
11422311415 Ephriam Vann. Rebecca Wilson.
2 Sallie Vann. John Towie and William Pigeon.
3 William Vann. *
4 Nellie Vann. William Pumpkin.
5 Elizabeth Vann. *
11422312415 Ezekial Hair. Catherine Frenchhawk and Amanda Kanoska.

2 Margaret Butler. Alexander Vann and Charles Teehee.
1142331415 Nannie Alberty Bluford West and James Markham.
2 John D. Alberty. Jennie Rogers and Jennie Doroughty nee Buffington.
OK 3 Levi Alberty. Susie Love.
4 Delilah Alberty. Eli Harlan.
5 Amelia Alberty. Thomas Lewis Rider.
6 David Alberty.
7 William West Alberty. Musidora Rogers and Nannie Buffington.
8 Jacob Alberty. Louisa C. Hudson and Elvira Rachford nee Brown.
9 Bluford West Alberty. Nannie Cunningham nee Martin and Eliza Missouri Vann nee Bushyhead. *
1142332415 Martha Snow. William Harnage.
2 Susan Buffington. Martin Root.
OK 3 Jennie Buffington. Charles Dougherty, John D. Alberty.
4 Ellis Buffington. Elizabeth Starr.
5 Clara Buffington. Ellis West and John Wright Alberty.
6 Elizabeth Buffington. Moses Alberty.
1142333415 Moses Alberty. Elizabeth Buffington.
2 Frances Alberty. Dr. John Thornton and Joshua W. Ellis.
OK 3 John Wright. Clara West nee Buffington and Maria Hildebrand.
4 Cornelius Alberty. Elizabeth Tyner and Ruth Ann Thornton.
5 Elizabeth Alberty. Richard Eaton.
6 Jesse Clinton Alberty. Catherine Collins and Elmira Vann nee Ward.
1142334415 John Phillips. Sarah Crittenden.
2 Jefferson Phillips. *
1142336415 Catherine Clyne. * Archibald Dellingham, Eli Sanders and John Morgan.
2 John Peter Oliver Clyne. Jennie Adair.
OK 3 Ezekial Clyne. *
4 Wiliam R. P. Clyne. * Catherine Daniel nee Wofford.
5 Eli Clyne. Hannah Few.
6 Joel M. Bryan Clyne. *
7 Thomas Clyne. *
8 Elizabeth J. Clyne. William Mosley West.
9 Cornelius Clyne.
10 Eliza Clyne. George W. Alberty.
1142337415 John Copeland Bryan. *
2 Charlotte Elmira Bryan. John Harvey Baugh.
OK 3 Nancy Jane Bryan. John Ross Buffington.
4 Maria Louisa Bryan. Riley Wise Lindsey.
5 Flora Elvina Bryan. Joseph H. Bennett
6 Rebecca Caroline Bryan. Clement Hayden.
7 Joelia Bryan. Columbus Fair Walker.
8 Joel Mayes Bryan. Lydia Ida Dougherty and Margaret Jane Ross.
1142338415 John R. Wright. Charlotte Whitmire.
2 Jennie Wright. Lewis Bolin and Robert Wofford.
OK 3 Sallie Elizabeth Wright. Walter Adair West.
4 Cornelius Wright. *
5 Jesse Wright. Frances Wright and Sarah Finia Choate.
6 Anna Eliza Wright. John Gunter Harlin.
7 Alexander Wright. * Mary Lunnie Duncan.
8 Mary Wright. Eli H. Whitmire.
1142339415 Sallie Daniel. * John Shepherd.
2 James W. Daniel. Catherine Wofford.
OK 3 Caroline Daniel. Smith Thornton.
4 Carter Daniel. Catherine Benge.
5 Elizabeth Jane Daniel. Charles Sanders.
6 William Daniel. Catherine Brown.
7 Nannie Catherine Daniel. Anderson Springston Wilson and Henry Clay Barnes.
8 Eliza Daniel. *
11423310415 Martha J. Wright. James W. Alberty.
2 Nannie Wright. *
OK 3 Caleb Powell Wright. Ruth Ann Collins.
4 Thomas Bolin Wright.
5 Frances Wright. Jesse Wright.

6 Oscar Wright. Nancy Ellen Boydston.

7 Ellis Buffington Wright. Elizabeth Dougherty
8 William Walter Wright.
1142431415 Mary Frances Vann. Edwin Archer.
2 Clarinda Rebecca Vann. John Summers.

OK 3 David Rowe Vann. * Eliza Missouri Bushyhead.
4 Louisa Jane Vann. Dr. Felix Hurd McNair.
5 Jennie Chinosa Vann. Eli West Dougherty.
6 Kiamitia Elizabeth Vann. * Jackson Walker Drake.
1142432415 Susan Vann. Oliver Perry Ross.
2 Juliette Lewis Vann. * Devereux Jarrette Bell and Samuel McDaniel Taylor.

OK 3 Clement Neeley Vann. Isadora V. Mackey.
4 Nicholas Byers Vann. *
5 David LucuUus Vann. *
6 Mary Delilah Vann. George Washington Drew and Joel Bryan Mayes. *
7 Charles Avoy Vann. *
8 Joseph Lewis Vann. Caroline Elizabeth Sixkiller.
9 Martha Elizabeth Vann. Samuel Houston Mayes.
1142433415 Jonathan Webber. Nannie Wofford.
1142434415 Cynthia Vann. Leroy Starr.
2 William Vann. Louvenia Coster.
1142435415 Martha Chambers. John Martin.
2 Calvin Chambers. Margaret Bryan.
OK 3 Catherine Chambers. John Lowrey McCoy and Henry Clay Barnes.
4 Sarah Chambers. Paul Chouteau and Lewis Ross Kell.
1142437415 George Washington Lashey. Sarah Walker and Sarah Harlan.
2 Joseph Vann Lasley. Elizabeth Davis and Nannie Perlony Keys nee Harlan.
OK 3 Samuel Lasley. *
1142438415 Elsie Webber. Andrew Jackson Griffin
2 Aky Webber. *Thomas Foreman, Robin Ratliff and James Roach.
OK 3 Margaret Webber. Scott Tyler Cavillier and Edward Crutchfield.
4 Clement Vann Webber. *
5 Eliza Webber. Richard Fields Riley and William M. Hughes.
11424311415 Margaret Lavinia Rogers. Allison Woodville Timberlake.
2 Clement Vann Rogers. Mary A. Scrimsher and Mary Bible.

OK 3 Francis Marion Musgrove. Clara Elizabeth Alberty.
4 William Due Musgrove. Cynthia Rogers.
11424312415 Napoleon Bonaparte Rowe. Lethe Campbell.
2 Clarinda Vann Rowe. Daniel Webster Vann.
OK 3 David Lucullus Rowe. Eliza Scraper.
4 Margaret L. Rowe. *
5 Joseph Vann Rowe.
11424313415 Arkansas Cherokee Martin. Hiram Terrell Landrum.
1142531415 Nannie Buffington. William West Alberty, James Blake and William Lavesgue Wilder.

2 David Welch Ragsdale. Mary Jane Alberty and Ruth Raper nee Palone.
OK 3 Winnie Jane Ragsdale. Daniel P. Boone.

4 Eli Snow Alberty.
5 George Washington Alberty. Eliza Clyne and         Harmon nee
1142532415 David Welch. Harriette Elizabeth Smithwick.
2 Lemuel Bruenton Welch. Mary Ann Harris.
OK 3 Sidney Welch. Prince Albert Games* and John Wilkey.
4 Diana Welch. Joseph Henry Carnes.
5 Margaret Ann Welch. William Green Ward.
6 George Welch. Nannie Jones.
7 Rosanna Welch. William McCoy.
Descendants of the Ghi-ga-u, commonly called Nancy Ward.
11 Ghi-ga-u. Kingfisher and Bryan Ward. A22
1122 Catherine. Samuel Candy, John Walker, Ellis Harlan. A23
2 Fivekiller. * Catherine.

OK 3 Elizabeth Ward. Joseph Martin and         Hughes.
111213 Samuel Candy. Elizabeth West.

2 John Walker. Elizabeth Sevier nee Lowrey.
OK 3 Jennie Walker. Charles Fox, Taylor and John Mcintosh.A53

4 Nannie Harlan. Caleb Starr.
5 Sallie Harlan. Jacob West.
6 Ruth Harlan. Joseph Phillips.
7 Elizabeth Harlan. Peter Hildebrand.A25
8 George Harlan. Nannie Sanders, Annie May,* Eliza Riley. *
9 Ezekial Harlan. Hannah Lewis.
10 Susannah Harlan. Otterlifter.
111213 James Martin. *
2 Nannie Martin. Michael Hildebrand.

OK 3 Rachel Hughes. Charles Rogers.
11121314 Ollie Candy. Hair Conrad.
2 Thomas Candy. Susan Graves, Catherine Gentry nee Drew.
OK 3 George Washington Candy. Elizabeth Hughes Bell and Elizabeth Webber nee Watie.
4 Samuel Candy. *
5 Nannie Candy. John Harlin and Henry Cobb.
6 John Walker Candy. Mary Watie and Electa W. Adams.
11122314 John Walker. Emily Meigs and Nannie Bushyhead.
OK 2 Carter Walker. Sallie Brewer.
11123314 Richard Taylor. Ellen McDaniel and Susie Fields
2 Fox Taylor. Mary Vann and Lucy Otterlifter.
OK 3 Susan Taylor. Samuel Parks.
4 Nellie Mcintosh. James McDaniel.
11124314 Mary Pauline Starr. Austin Rider and James Woods.*
2 James Starr. Nelie Maugh and Susie Maugh.
OK 3 Thomas Starr. Nannie Wolf.
4 Ruth Starr. John Bean.
5 Ezekial Starr. Mary Upshaw.
6 Sallie Starr. Jesse Mayfield.
7 George Harlan Starr. Nellie Carr, Nannie Bell and Mary Taylor nee Blackburn.*
8 Joseph McMinn Starr. Delilah Adair.
9 Rachel Starr. * Samuel Lattamore.
10 Nannie Starr. * Samuel Lattamore.
11 Deborah Starr. Richard Newland, William Harvey Sloan
12 Ellis Starr. * Delilah Johnson.
11125314 John West. Ruth Fields.
2 Bluford West. * Nannie Alberty.
3 Eliza West. Leroy Markham.
4 Rosa West. Nelson Rogers.
5 Ellis West. Clara Buffington.
6 George West. * Elizabeth Vann.
7 Ezekial West. *
11126314 Sallie Phillips. Robert Beatty.
2 Lucinda Phillips. Looney Price.
OK 3 Ruth Phillips. * Alexander Foreman.
4 John Philips. *
5 Joseph Phillips.
6 Ellis Fox Phillips. * Mary Foreman.
7 Elizabeth Phillips. Edmond Bean,* William Thornton, David Bell* and Tatnall Holt Post.*
8 Martha Phillips. *
11127314 Barbara Hildebrand. Hiram Linder.
2 James V. Hildebrand. Sarah Elizabeth Fields.
OK 3 Jennie Hildebrand. John Williams.
4 Catherine Hildebrand. Levi Bailey.
5 John Walker Hildebrand. Eliza Jane White.
6 Ellis Harlan Hildebrand. Sallie Stover and Josephine        
7 Lewis W. Hildebrand. Lucy Ratliff.
8 Isaac Newton Hildebrand. Jennie Ratliff.
9 Mary Elizabeth Hildebrand. Daniel Jones Frazier.
10 Minerva Hildebrand. Charles Ratliff, Anderson Reynolds.
11128314 Eli Harlan. Delilah Alberty.
2 Ellis Sanders Harlan. Nannie Barnett.
OK 3 Sallie Harlan. Jacob Harnage.
4 Elmira Harlan. Joshua Roach.
11129314 David M. Harlan. Lucinda Tucker, Rebecca Welch nee Vannoy and Julia Ann Lane nee Tucker.
2 Eliza Harlan. Samuel Craig.
OK 3 Susan Jane Harlan. James Perry.
111210314 Nannie Otterlifter.         Haynes and David Miller.
2 Alexander Otterlifter. Elsie Sleepingrabbit.
OK 3 Jew Otterlifter.
4 Lucy Otterlifter. Fox Taylor.
5 Diana Otterlifter. Samuel Ballard.
6 Nellie Otterlifter. - Samuel Ballard.
7 Rachel Otterlifter. * Anderson Springston.
8 Elsie Otterlifter. Charles Hoskins, and Daniel Newton Mcintosh.
11322314 Elizabeth Hildebrand. James Pettit and Robert Armstrong.
2 John Hildebrand. Nicey Russell and Annie Wasp.
OK 3 Jennie Hildebrand. Joseph Cookson.
4 Margaret Hildebrand. John Catron.
5 Delilah Hildebrand. Jesse McLain.
6 Eliza Hildebrand. Joshua Kirkpatrick.
7 Stehen Hildebrand. Mary Potts and Mary Beck.
8 Rachel Hildebrand. Reese T. Mitchell.
9 Nannie Hildebrand. Thomas Horn, George Lovett, Frederick Lovett, Charles Poe and         Hoskins.
10 Joseph Martin Hildebrand. Lucy Starr, Louvenia Patterson, Elizabeth Gentry, Mary King, Martha Wofford and Mary E. Coyne.
11 Brice Hildebrand. Mary Sturdivant nee Beck and Mary Swimmer.
12 Mary Hildebrand. Isaac Mayfield.
11323314 Levi Rogers. Margaret Fields.
2 Richard Rogers. * Eliza Lacey.
OK 3 Joseph Rogers. *
4 Charles Rogers. Maria Colston.
5 John Rogers. *
6 Elizabeth Rogers. George Whitney Brand.
7 Alzira Rogers. Lewis Fields.
8 Catherine Rogers. * William Elders.
1112131415 Elizabeth Hair. Daniel Hopkins.
2 Susie Hair. Charles Gourd.
OK 3 Jefferson Hair. Chicooie O'Fields, Eliza Ramsey nee Tyner and Mary Tyner nee Sanders.
4 Diana Hair. Wade Hampton Robinson.
5 John Hair. Lucy Robinson, Annie Sanders, Mary Butler and Lucy Justice.
6 Nannie Hair. *
7 Mary Hair. John Ramsey.
1112132415 Jackson Candy.
2 Henry Candy. * Nellie Goings.
OK 3 Reese Candy. Ruth Riley, Jennie Downing* and
4 Thomas Candy. *
5 Elizabeth Candy. David Ballew and Ned Grease.
6 Samuel Candy. Mary Hayden.

7 John Candy. Mary Starr and Eliza Fields
1112133415 John Candy. *
2 Maria Candy. *
OK 3 Worcester Candy. *
4 Charlotte Candy. William Fields.
5 Martha Candy. * Joel Bryan Mayes.
6 Juliette Melvina Candy. John Gunter Scrimsher.
1112135415 Ruth Harlin. Robert Turnbull.
2 James Harlin.
OK 3 Candy Harlin. *
4 John T. Harlin.
5 Aenaes Harlin. *
6 Robert Harlin. *
7 Elizabeth Harlin. Joseph T. Medley and William England.
8 Salina Harlin. *         Beckham.
9 Mary Harlin. * James Giddings.
10 Samuel Harlin. *
1112136415 Harriette Candy. Hugh Montgomery McPherson.
2 Susan Candy. * Henry Lee Hill.
OK 3 Elizabeth Candy. * Hindman Booth Hoyt.
1112231415 Timothy Meigs Walker. Elizabeth Adair.
2 Elizabeth Grace Walker. James Coleman and Pryor Smith.
OK 3 Minerva Jane Walker. James Armstrong Lee and Lorenzo Delano.
4 John Osborn Walker. Lucretia Taylor and Georgianna Wilkins. *

6 Ebenezer Walker. Sarah Lasley nee Harlan.
5 Sarah E. Walker. George Washington Lashey.
1112232415 Eliza Walker. * John Adair and James Rogers.
2 John Walker. *
OK 3 Jennie Walker. William Boot.
4 George Washington. Elsie Downing, Rachel Rogers and Mary Jane Davis nee Harlow.
5 Joseph Walker. *
6 Elizabeth Walker. * Joseph Smith.
7 Susie Walker. * John P. Stidham and Henry Sanders.
8 Amanda Walker. James Martin.
9 William Walker. *
1112331415 Thomas Fox Taylor. Nannie Buffington and Mary Blackburn. *
2 Elizabeth Taylor. John Brewer.
OK 3 Samuel McDaniel Taylor. Almira Williams, Martha Fields and Juliette Lewis Bell nee Vann.

4 Annie Taylor. Robert Buffington Daniel.
5 Mary Jane Taylor. Dr. Jeter Lynch Thompson.
6 Eliza Christine Taylor. Johnson Thompson.
7 Frances Harvey Taylor. James Leonidas Butler.
8 Lucinda Taylor. John Osborn Walker.
1112332415 James Taylor. Sallie Reese.
2 Richard Taylor. *
OK 3 Jennie Taylor. Thomas Jefferson Pack.
4 Nannie Taylor. Levi Timberlake.
5 Susie Taylor. * Charles Thompson.
6 William Taylor. Elizabeth Grimmett and Margaret Halfbreed.

7 Margaret Taylor. *
8 Nellie Taylor. *
9 Charles Taylor. *
10 Nannie Taylor. John Martin and John White.
1112333415 Ruth Parks. Dickson Price.
2 Almira Parks. * James Price.
OK 3 Jennie Parks. *John Langley and Joseph Collier.
4 George Washington Parks. Louisa Spriggs.
5 Thomas Jefferson Parks. Mary Ann Thompson.
6 Richard Taylor Parks. Sarah Elizabeth Day and Sarah Elizabeth Grigsby.
7 Calvin Parks. Almira Wilson and Arie Hildebrand.
8 William Parks. *
9 Mary Ann Parks. William Conway Day.
10 Robert Calhoun Parks. Clara Rider.
11 John Ross Parks. *
12 Samuel Parks. * Sarah G. Taylor.
1112334415 John McDaniel. *
2 Catherine McDaniel. Lewis Keys.
OK 3 Margaret Ann McDaniel. Bluford West Starr and William Pettit.
4 Samuel McDaniel. *
1112431515 Thomas Lewis Rider. Amelia Alberty.
2 Nannie Rider. David Thompson.
OK 3 Elizabeth Rider. John M. Smith.
4 Caleb Starr Rider. Elsie Price.
5 John Rider. Rachel Smith.
6 Ezekial Rider. *
7 Bluford West Rider. *
8 William Rider. *
9 Ellis Rider. *
10 Charles Austin Augustus Rider. Mary Ann Bigby and Sarah Jane Forrest nee Nix.
11 Laura Narcissa Rider. King Fulsom, Byron Boynton and Charles Pritchard.
1112432415 Joseph Starr. Nannie Reese and Rachel Guess.
OK 3 Fields Starr. Mary Reese.
4 Washington Starr. Mary Ann McCoy.
8 Samuel Starr. * Laura Davis.
10 Mary Starr. Andrew Digiesky.
11 Leroy Starr. *
12 Rachel Starr. John Walker Starr.
14 Jennie Starr. John Francis Marlon Christie.
16 Caleb Starr. *
18 Lucy Starr. George Washington Adair and William Russell.
19 Sallie Starr. Ephriam Martin Adair.

2 Thomas Starr. Catherine Reese.
5 Bean Starr. *
6 James Starr. Araminta Rider nee McCoy, Akie Nelowie and Elmira Starr nee Fields.
7 William Starr. Nannie McPherson.
9 Ellis Starr. * Catherine Justice.
13 John Starr. *
15 Ezekial Starr. * Amanda Terrell, Caroline Smith and Elizabeth Lee nee Smith.
17 Pauline Starr. Charles Bushyhead,* Richard Drew and Samuel Campbell.

20 Nannie Starr. Buck Girty and Jug Davis.
1112433415 James Starr. Lettie Boyd Chambers.
2 Ellis Harlan.
OK 3 Richard Taylor Starr. *
4 Nancy Jane Starr. Joseph Chambers.
5 Bluford West Starr. Margaret Ann McDaniel.
1112434415 Margaret Bean. John Gott.
2 Elizabeth Bean. Risden Johnson.
OK 3 Caleb Starr Bean. Mary Ann Thompson.
4 Nannie Bean.
5 Mary Bean. Edward Johnson.
6 Rachel Alzira Bean. Josiah Matthis*
7 Joseph McMinn Bean. Sarah Finley.
8 Susie Deborah Bean. James Warren Adair.
9 Sarah Emily Bean. Benjamin Franklin Goss.
10 Lucinda Bean. John Harrison Paden.
11 John Ellis Bean. Henrietta Danenburg.
12 Mark Bean. Victoria Texas Wright.
1112435415 Ruth Starr. John Griffith Harnage.
2 Caleb Starr. Lucinda Griffin.
OK 3 Elizabeth Starr. Ellis Buffington.
4 Leroy Starr. Cynthia Vann.
5 Sarah Starr. John Wilson Maylield.
6 Nannie Starr. * John Ragsdale.
7 Ellis Starr. Susie Dougherty.
8 John Walker Starr. Rachel Starr and Elmira Fields.
9 James Starr. Sarah Byers, Emma Jane Evans nee Rider.
10 Ezekial Starr. Nannie Catherine Harkins nee Seabolt.
11 Mary Jane Starr. * James Johnson.
1112436415 Nannie Mayfield. George Harnage.
2 Penelope Maytield. John Thompson Adair.
OK 3 John Wilson Maytield. Sarah Starr and Mary Ann Stovall.*
4 Emily Walker Mayfield. John Griffith Harnage.
5 Carter Walker Mayfield. Jennie Blackburn.
6 Elvira Mayfield. Newton Howell and William Henry Barker.
7 Sabina Mayfield. Dr. George Wyche.
8 Victoria Hulda Mayfield. Thomas Henry Still and Robert Gilmore.
1112437415 Jennie Starr. George Howard.

2 John Walker Starr. *
OK 3 Mary Frances Starr. Lucien Burr Bell.
4 George Colbert Starr. *
5 Ezekial Eugene Starr. Margaret Starr.
6 Joseph Jarrette Starr. *
7 Caleb Ellis Starr. Malderine Elizabeth Adair and Jennie Butler nee.
8 Samuel Jesse Starr. Sarah Ruth McClure.
1112438415 Nancy Ann Starr. William Wirt Duncan and Young Charles Gordon Duncan.
2 George Harlan Starr. *
OK 3 Martha Jane Starr. George Washington Crittenden.
4 Joseph McMinn Starr. Sarah Crittenden and Susie Shell.
5 Walter Adair Starr. Ruth Ann Alberty nee Thornton, Ella Elizabeth Christie and Saphronia F. Barrett nee Crutchfield.*
6 Sallie Elizabeth Starr. Frank Howard
7 Edward Bruce Starr. Rachel Pauline Henry.
9 Caleb Wilson Starr,
11124311415 James Newland.
2 Nannie Newland. Nathan Merrell.

OK 3 William Henry Sloan. Nannie Lane and Martha Jones.
4 Samuel Harker Sloan.
5 Edward Estel Sloan. Naomi Ann Cole.
6 John Willis Sloan.
1112531415 William Mosley West. Elizabeth J. Clyne.
2 George R. West. *
OK 3 Martha S. West. * Jackson Cozens.
4 John Calhoun West. Margaret Elizabeth Hickey.
5 Kiamitia West. Allen Gilbert.
6 James Polk West. Missouri Barnett.
7 Ruth E. West. Richard Brewer and William Walter Finley.
8 Franklin Pierce West. Nannie Ellis Allen nee Brewer.
1112533415 Jacob West Markham. Charlotte Belle West.
2 Carter Daniel Markham. Mary F. Hufaker and Eliza Matthews nee Adair.
OK 3 James B. Markham. Beatrice Alberty.
4 John West Markham. Martha C. Riley, Sallie Jane Daniel.
5 Ruth A. Markham. Dr. Walter Thompson Adair.
1112534415 Lewis Rogers. Josephine Landrum, Helen Ross and.
2 | Sarah Rogers. David Vaught, William Wilkerson, Albert Campbell and J. J. Griggs.
3 | Louisa Rogers. Virgil Rogers and Alexander McDaniel.
1112535415 Charlotte Belle West. Jacob West Markham and William Lavesque Wilder.
1112631415 William Crawford Beatty. Emeline Harris.
1112632415 Joseph Price.
1112637415 Ruth Ann Alberty. Cornelius Alberty and Waller Anderson.
1112731415 Nancy Eveline Linder. George Elders, William Green and Daniel Ross Hicks.
2 Malderine Elizabeth Linder. George Washington Adair.
OK 3 Emory Ogden Linder. Martha Ann Vann.
4 John Ross Linder. Eliza Keziah Fennel.
5 Ann Eliza Linder *Pickens M. Benge. William H. Hendricks
6 Cinderella Linder. * Robert McDaniel
7 Julius Caesar Linder. * Emma Hildebrand.
1112732415 James V. Hildebrand. Adelaide Taylor.
2 Elizabeth Hildebrand. * Johnson O'Fields.
OK 3 Jamima Hildebrand. * Matthew Thompson.
4 Martha Hildebrand. James Smart.
5 Ann Eliza Hildebrand. Hugh Miller Howdershell
1112733415 James Franklin Williams. Mary Jane England.
2 Paralee Williams. John F. Thomas.
OK 3 Johnanna Williams. Jesse Adam Thomas.
1112734415 Jennie Bailey.          Jackson.
2 Savilla Bailey. Yellowbird.
OK 3 Elan Bailey. Johnson O'Fields.
4 Mary Bailey. *

5 Louisa Cunnigan. John Charley and George Frederick Private.
1112735415 Mary White Hildebrand. Joshua Columbus Hannah.
2 Amelia Eglantine Hildebrand.
OK 3 Eliza Jane Hildebrand. *
4 Emily Cherokee Hildebrand. James Layton Webb.
5 Lawrence William Hildebrand. Eglentine Orr.
6 John Walker Hildebrand. *
1112736415 Ellis Hildebrand. *
1112737415 Annie Hildebrand. William Sweetwater.
2 Ermina Hildebrand.         Talbert.

OK 3 James H. Hildebrand. Ida Youngbird nee Tunooie.

4 Albert Hildebrand. *
5 Charles Hildebrand. *
1112738415 John F. Hildebrand. *
2 Sarah Jane Hildebrand. *
OK 3 Emma Hildebrand. * Julius Caesar Linder
4 Newton Hildebrand. *
5 Lewis W. Hildebrand. *
6 Ida Jane Hildebrand. *
7 Peter Hildebrand. *
1112739415 Serena Frazier. * Alfred Pigeon.
2 Rebecca Frazier. *
OK 3 Frances E. Frazier. *
4 Ebenezer Frazier. *
5 Daniel Jones Frazier. Elizabeth Hood.
6 John Frazier. Elizabeth Crapoe nee Boggs.
11127310415 Lucy Ratliff. John Nixon Davis.

2 John Reynolds. Sallie Pennel.
OK 3 Henry Bowers. *

1112831415 George Harlan. Mary McCoy.
2 Sarah Harlan. George Washington Lasley, Ebenezer Walker and Joseph Tackett.
OK 3 Mitchell Harlan. Letitia Victoria Keys.
4 Ezekial Harlan. Rachel Sands.
5 Nancy Perlony Harlan. Riley J. Keys, Joseph Vann Lasley and Joseph Robins.
6 Jennie Harlan. Charles Coody Rogers and Granville        .
1112832415 James Ellis Harlan. Margaret Reed and Nancy Ann Gibson nee
2 Sallie Matilla Harlan. John Poole, George Lane, Lewis Ross Kell, James Chastine Blythe and Charles Chandler.
OK 3 Mary Josephine Harlan. Mitchell Sanders.
4 John Brown Harlan. Mary Ann McGhee.
5 Ruth Jane Harlan. William Writtenberry and Joseph Henry Hunt.
6 Timothy Dwight Harlan. *
7 Emily D. Harlan. George Finley.
1112833415 George Harlan Harnage. *
1112834415 Emily Roach. Edward Walls and Aaron Crittenden.
2 William Roach. Nannie Lowrey and Eliza Lowrey.
OK 3 Nannie Roach. Lafayette Catron and John Horn.
4 James Roach. *
5 Mary Roach. *
6 George Roach. Nannie Prilchett and Sarah Triplelt.
7 John Roach. Nellie Grant.
8 Sarah Roach. Looney Townsend and William Sullivan.
9 Joshua Roach. *
1112931415 Jennie Harlan. Garrett Lane and John Blythe.
2 John Harlan *
OK 3 Napoleon Harlan. Sarah Evaline Blythe.
4 Lucinda Harlan. Thomas Archer and Albert Willard.
5 David Lewis Harlan. Harriette Shoe and Nessie Ann Hardin.
6 Albert Weir Harlan. Sarah Ballard and Matilda Kirby.
7 Lafayette Harlan. Margaret Davis.
8 Murion Harlan. Belle Cue.

9 George Washington Harlan. Sarah Jane Cecil.
10 Eliza Harlan. Thomas Cannon and Henry Hardin Trott
11 Andrew Oliver Harlan. Cora Pearl Richards.
1112932415 John Craig. Mary Underwood.
2 Adeline Craig. Henry Clay McDonald and James Bivins
OK 3 Penelope Craig. Logan Henderson Duncan.
4 William Craig. *
5 Granville Craig. Jennie Means.
6 Louisa Jane Craig. Huff D. Coats.
7 Frank Wallace Craig. Catherine Tetrick.
1112933415 Rodolph Leslie Perry. *
2 Hannah Almeda Perry. William B. James.
3 Oliver Valdi Perry. Stacy Eliza Burson.
4 Silas Aepccides Perry. Jennie Albright and Fannie D. Fox nee Cole.
5 Florence Caroline Perry. Leander Bell Smith.
6 Texanna Cherokee Perry. * Samuel M. Ramsey.
7 Ezekial Harlan Perry. Susan Melvina Harvey nee Morrow
8 Nathan Murion Perry. Fannie Sellers.
9 Sion Marcellus Perry. Lydia Augusta Lumpkin,
11121031415 Ezekial Miller. Minerva Cherokee Ward.
OK 2 Andrew Miller. *
11121032415 Nannie Otterlifter. George Washington Ross.
2 Elizabeth Otterlifter
OK 3 Washburn Otterlifter
11121034415 Margaret Taylor. *
2 Nellie Taylor. *
OK 3 Charles Taylor. *
4 Nannie Taylor. John Martin and John White.
11121035415 Mary McDaniel. * George Drumgoole.

2 Archibald Ballard. Annie Fields.
OK 3 John Ballard. Susie Arthur.
4 Jennie Ballard. Charles Lowrey.
5 Susie Ballard. William Penn Henderson and Hiram Storm.
11121038415 Annie Hoskins. Daniel Landrum.
2 Julia Hoskins. James McGhee.

3 Orsinoe Mcintosh. * Jackson Smith.
1132231415 Andrew Pettit. Arie Beck.
2 Minerva Pettit. John Anderson, Lewis Hicks, John Journey, Israel J. Ward, Jesse Russell and Alfred Clark Raymond.
OK 3 William Pettit. Margaret Anne Starr nee McDaniel * Nannie Tyner and Emma Johnson.
4 Frank Pettit. Nellie Smith and Mary Beck.

5 Amelia Ward. William Percival and William Livingston Harris.
1132232415 Stephen Hildebrand. Mary Beck, Amanda Hildebrand nee Hair and Jennie Mesenheimer.

2 Margaret Hildebrand. *

OK 3 Michael Hildebrand. Sarah Hooks.
4 Chiouke Hildebrand. *
1132233415 John Hildebrand Cookson. Elizabeth Adair, Nellie Lyman and Matilda Lawly
2 Emily Cookson. William Zion Pettit.
OK 3 Elizabeth Cookson. * George Wiggins.
1132234415 Caroline Catron. Jesse Sanders.
2 Lafayette Catron. Nannie Roach.
OK 3 Levannah Elizabeth Catron. Thomas Holmes Carlile and Levi Rogers Keys.
1132235415 Elvira Jane McLain. * Alexander Thompson and William Hayes.
2 Calvin McLain. Charlotte Martin.
OK 3 Austin McLain. * Melissa Arminda Cordery.
4 Mary Ann McLain. Jefferson Ratliff.
5 Nancy Elmira McLain. Joseph Watkins and James Thomas Morrow.
6 John McLain. Mary Martin and Susannah Moore.
7 Joseph McLain. Martha Scott, Elizabeth Kerr nee Clyne and Lonnie Nelson.
8 Lewis McLain. * Susie Woods.
9 William McLain. Elizabeth Chambers and Elizabeth Horn.
10 Mary Enieline McLain. Francis Marion Scott.
1132236415 William Patrick. Elizabeth Fields and Hanna A. Peck nee Hayes.
2 Rachel Patrick. Alexander Ballard and Houston De Armond.
OK 3 Nancy Jane Patrick. Noah Lillard and James R. Gourd.
4 Margaret Patrick. Henry Fry, Louis Diena and Henry Morris.
5 John Joshua Patick. Minerva Elizabeth Lillard and Elmira Starr nee Fields.
6 Elias Patrick. *
7 Mary Patrick. John P. Lyman and Calloway Burke.
8 George Washington Patrick. Polina Jane Keys, Nannie C. Langley and Nannie Jenkins.
9 Lucy Patrick. Joseph Heinrichs.
10 Michael K. Patrick. Delilah Cookson and Josephine Hawkins.
1132237415 Jennie Hildebrand. William Lucas.

2 Julia Ann Hildebrand. Surry Eaton Beck, Nathaniel Wetford, James Barnett and Jasper Bee.
OK 3 Susan Hildebrand. George Washington Mitchell.
1132238415 Nannie Mitchell. Charles H. Allen.
2 Jennie Mitchell. *
OK 3 Rebecca Mitchell. Ezekial Proctor.
4 Henry Mitchell. * Cynthia Beck.
5 Louvisa Mitchell. Daniel Anderson, John Lane and Samuel Rounds.
6 Mitchell Hildebrand Mitchell. Margaret Underwood.
7 John Mitchell. Jennie Norris nee Rennecker.
8 William Mitchell. Elizabeth Newton.
9 Franklin Pierce Mitchell. Elizabetli Thompson and Georgia Ann Newton.
10 Eliza Mitchell. George Washington Talbert.
11 Reese T. Mitchell. Nannie Acorn.
1132239415 James Lovett. Annie Quinton and Annie Griftin.
2 Annie Lovett. * Houston De Armond.
OK 3 David Lovett. Belle McCutchan.
4 John Lovett. Elizabeth Young nee Tetrincha.
5 Louisa Amanda Lovett. * Houston DeArmond.

6 William Irving. Henrietta Oakley nee Fry.
7 Joseph Irving. Minnie Louisa See and Henriette Ann Marlowe.

8 Brice Poe. *
11322310415 Michael Hildebrand. Amanda Hair.
OK 2 Elizabeth Hildebrand. Hurd.

OK 3 Reese Hildebrand. *
4 Josephine Hildebrand. John Meeker.
5 Alice Hildebrand. Charles Antoine Schmidtman and Andrew Cornelius Cordery.

6 Ertie Hildebrand. William W. Nelson.
11322311415 Reese Hildebrand. Lydia Latta.
2 Elizabeth Hildebrand. Thomas Beaver, William Cramp, Andrew Crane and Samuel Campbell.
11322312415 Nannie Elizabeth Maytleld. Thomas L. Gaston.
2 Michael Mayfield. Elizabeth Sanders and Ellen Hammonds.
OK 3 Susan Jane Mayfield. Isaac Allison Milligan and Samuel Lee Milligan.
4 John Ross Mayfield. Annie McDaniel and Nellie Phillips.
5 Lillar Mayfield. William Rufus James, John Smith and Robert B. Williams.
6 Joseph Mayfield. Helen Dobson and
7 Isaac H. Mayfield. Sarah McNabney.
8 Rogina Mayfield. Cornelius Willis.
1132331415 James Rogers. Mary Sanders.
1132334415 Charles Rogers. - Susie Foreman.
OK 2 Elmira Rogers. Timothy Fields.
1132336415 Elizabeth Brand. Theodore Cummings and Solomon Bragg.
2 Francis Rogers. William Elders.

OK 3 John Rogers. Missouri Emma Quinton.
4 Cynthia Ann Rogers. *
5 Margaret Brown. *
1132337415 Elizabeth Fields. William Patrick.


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